Why I Love Young Living Essential Oils

2015 KIT OILS v1.1premium starter kit

I am not a medical professional and this blog is not in anyway meant to take the place of medical advice. It is for educational purposes based off opinions and facts that I have found to be true in my own experience and with research I have gleaned from books and online. I am not diagnosing, treating, or prescribing. If you have any health conditions, are on any medications, are being seen by a medical professional for any reason, are elderly, pregnant, nursing, have babies or young children or animals please consult your physician or veterinarian as well.

Young Living offers therapeutic quality essential oils. I am passionate about these oils! They have changed my life, and my family’s in so many ways. I no longer reach into my medicine cabinet for many well known items. Instead I reach for my oils. I only wish I had found them earlier!

I want to start by telling you how I got into Young Living essential oils. A few friends over the summer of 2014 were raving about them, but I blew it off as a fad. Then another friend was telling me how essential oils helped her headaches and son’s medical issues. I was intrigued, because I hated all the medicine I was taking. I wanted to investigate a more natural option. I took an essential oil class and was amazed by what these oils can do. I decided to give them a try. I ordered peppermint for my headaches and RC to support my respiratory system.

I was blown away how quick the EO’s (essential oils) worked for me. Four weeks later I ordered the Premium Starter Kit and haven’t turned back. Two weeks after receiving my kit I knew I had to share these amazing oils.

I couldn’t believe the amount of everyday uses for the 11 oils in the Everyday Oils Premium Starter Kit. It has been an oil revolution in my house! My then 7 year old daughter used diluted lavender and peppermint for bumps, bruises and minor discomfort. She loves to smell each new oil I get.

Even my husband (Mr. Cynical) uses them. He loves to diffuse joy to boost our moods, and swears by the discomfort cream and Deep Relief.

I created a mixture of oils to lessen the severity and length of my 5 year olds epic meltdowns. He actually asks for the oils “to help him feel better!” I have a mix to relieve my occasional stress, anxiety and depression symptoms. I made a creams to lesson colds, coughs and croup. I have one to boost my weak immune system. But the biggest one for me is my discomfort cream that helped me drop one of two pills for my muscle aches and stiffness!

These are just some of my personal reasons for using YL essential oils. As I go along I will share many more reasons with you.

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