Wonders of Pine EO


I recently ordered a few staple oils, and along with it came Pine. I was surprised because I hadn’t ordered it and it wasn’t a promo item. I called YL’s customer service and it was indeed a mistake. Bonus they let me keep it!

So now I have an oil and have no idea what to do with it. After doing some research I found it was good for a variety of uses in my household.

Here are few I found! Pine EO is should not be used internally! Topically it is great for occasional discomfort of joints and muscles. Please dilute as this is a a potent oil. It can also aid in the clearing of the lungs. It works to break mucus. You could add a few drops to organic unrefined coconut oil to make a vapo rub. If you decide to put it in your diffuser start with one drop to see how you react to it. You can always add more later.

Apparently due to Pine’s strong cleansing abilities it is very useful for many skin conditions like acne, athlete’s foot, boils, and itchy. It is also useful in ridding yourself (or loved one) of lice and dandruff!

It can also be helpful in energizing and stimulating to the body and mind. According to globalhealingcenter.com,

“Essential pine oil should be used with care, as it is very powerful. If left undiluted, it may irritate skin and mucous membranes. Internal consumption may be hazardous to human health.

Usage for Essential Pine Oil
Add 4-6 drops of undiluted pine essential oil to warm bath water or dilute at 50/50 ratio with organic coconut oil or olive oil and apply to chest for respiratory distress. You can also put it in aromatherapy diffuser.”

So, clearly this was a score for me! Thank you Young Living for letting me keep this little bottle of magic.


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