The Top 10 Young Living Products I Love

Top 10 YL Products I Love … and a Few I Don’t

Please research the correct use of each oil and product as this list is not all inclusive. Check with your doctor before starting the use of essential oils. Some of these oils do have cautions associated with them, that I did not list.

I wanted to cover some of my favorite Young Living products. Not every product works for every person, there is some trial and error involved; but these are some that I have found success with. These are the products I love and a few I don’t!

  1. Sheerlume– After doing an online Beauty School, I fell in love with this silky moisturizer. Seriously, this stuff is amazing! My skin is so much smoother after one week of using it. My make-up goes on much more even too! This moisturizer also brightens and balances your skin tone.


  1. Manuka- Is actually a new product to Young Living. Many people told me it smells amazing, I actually disagree, I think it smells like wet hay. Regardless of its smell; it is an amazing skin care oil! How can you use it? It is good for stings and bites if used immediately to avoid itching and swelling. Helps relieve dry and flaky scalp, although I prefer Melrose for this application due to the inexpensive price tag. I just tried it for my seasonal cough, and yeah no more excessive throat clearing, yay. Apparently it can also help to boost the seasonal trio.

But here is really why I love it, it helps old scars fade. I was in a car accident 20 years              ago, and this little beauty has helped to smooth and fade that old scar. The second                  reason I love it, is it reduces the size of old clog pores. I’ve had these white bumps on            my skin so long, I forgot they shouldn’t be permanently. I apply Manuka neat to these          blemishes, after I wash with Orange Blossom Face wash, and tone with the Art                        Refreshing Toner. Over the last few weeks I’ve witnessed my old blemishes get                        smaller! Previous to Manuka I had tried everything to rid myself of them. Can your                face cream do that without burning and peeling your skin? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

      3. Bergamot- Oh boy this is one of my favorite smelling oils. I could just sniff the bottle       all day and never be sick of it. How do I use it? I purchased it because it uplifts your                 mood. It has a sweet floral and citrus smell, that just makes me happy. I love to diffuse         it with lime to refresh and calm me, while creating a mood boosting atmosphere. I wear       this oil daily over my heart for the reasons above. But there is just so much more to this       oil. It reduces sebum production in oily skin, evens skin tone, fades dark spots, soothes       tired muscles, eases occasional stress, stimulates circulation, helps to maintain proper         metabolic rates, aids digestion, maintains normal immunity, helps to give hair shine, it       tones up the respiratory and nervous systems, and promotes a restful night sleep!                 Woah, what can’t it do? *Please note it can cause photo-toxicity when exposed to the           sun. Apply it in the evening to allow for maximum absorption or a place not exposed to       the sun.


  1. White Angelica- I bought this oil for psychic protection. I am also an intuitive psychic tarot reader, and it contains several oils with high frequencies. Because of the high frequencies it is a great oil to wear when doing any type of healing work. But why do you care about that? Oils with high frequencies raise your frequency too, meaning that you are happier and healthier. It contains Melissa, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Myrrh, Geranium, Rose Otto, and Bergamot. Which promotes feelings of protection, security and guards you against negative energy. I put one drop over my heart and one drop across each shoulder. Oh, did I mention this oils smells fabulous? *Please note it can cause photo-toxicity when exposed to the sun. Apply it in the evening to allow for maximum absorption or a place not exposed to the sun.


  1. Geranium- I got this one as a freebie and oh boy is it awesome! Not only does it smell wonderful; it does a terrific job with relaxing the body and the mind. It is a power house when it comes to your skin. Egyptians used it for supporting beautiful healthy skin and so do I. It is helpful with non-cystic acne, smoothing fine lines, tightens and tones, and gives your skin a radiant glow, because it’s an astringent. I wear it often over my heart when I know a stressful situation could arise. It is also beneficial for occasional nervous energy and the blues. It supports circulation, helps to maintain proper function of hormones, and is a mood booster.


  1. Art Gentle Cleanser– This toner smells splendid and leaves your skin soothed and invigorated. It removes dirt, grim and impurities, and cleanses your skin. It minimizes oil shine and pore appearance, which for me is huge! The peppermint in this toner helps to energize you and gives a cooling sensation.


  1. AromaBright Thieves Toothpaste – Why do I love this toothpaste? Let me count the ways: it is an all-natural toothpaste specially designed and has no artificial or synthetic ingredients, including no dyes, preservatives or fluoride! It actually lessens tooth sensitivity and creates and unfavorable to harmful environment in your mouth so bacteria can’t grow. Look up the ingredients on this one and see why it’s so huge! I feel as if I just had my teeth cleaned each morning.


  1. Tea Tree– This may not be my favorite smelling oil, but it does wonders for all things skin related. It helps with dry and flaky skin and scalp, non-cystic acne, white heads, eliminates odors, bite buster, after sun care, itchy feet, supports respiratory system, and aids in clean teeth and gums (in small amounts as you should not ingest this.) It is also useful with unwanted pests, and household cleaning.


  1. Magnify Your Purpose- Again this oil smells so good! I picked this oil to help me stop procrastinating, help manifest my goals, be more creative, and bring about change in my life. It is stimulating, uplifting, motivating, supports positive thinking, helps you to seize the day, boosts concentration, and supports the nervous and endocrine systems. Think of this oil as what Dory (from Finding Nemo) should wear, it heIps you to move forward. Think “just keep swimming.” I wear this daily on my wrist, but you can also apply it over your heart, temples or thymus.


  1. Thieves Household Cleaner– So where do I begin with this one? It is all natural and has no harmful chemicals! It has replaced ALL my household cleaners!! It is a powerhouse, that cleans my entire house from top to bottom. It is a “concentrated cleaner with 100% plant and mineral based ingredients.” Bonus: it is also biodegradable, plus it complies with the EPA standards. I use this not only as a household cleaner, but as a stain remover, oven cleaner, sharpie remover, and spray it on the pad of my steam cleaner! You can throw a capful in the washing machine in a pinch, as well as the dishwasher. There is almost nothing this bottle can’t do! Did you know that the harsh chemicals found in most cleaning products can be seriously harmful to you, your family and your pets? They are actually considered toxins, that can disrupt your brain, reproductive and nervous systems, mess with your hormones, and possibly cause cancer, according to Dr. Mercola an osteopathic physician. For those reasons I am so thankful for Young Living. Bonus: if my child accidently drank this, I wouldn’t have to call poison control. Check out this article for more info on toxic chemicals in your home.

My Top Kit Oils

I thought it might be helpful for you to know what my top kit oils are too. So, here we go!

  1. Lavender– This truly is the” Swiss Army Knife” of the essential oil world. It supports all skin issues, helps to relax and calm your body, aids in restful sleep, aids in a healthy complexion, non-cystic acne, reduces the appearance of aging, aids in a healthy immune system, respiratory support, helps with nausea, it is uplifting, head unclogger, pollen buster, and freshens the air to name a few of its wonders. It is safe for all members of your family, from the very young to the old, and even your pets.


  1. Peppermint– It another a multi-functional oil that can quickly clear your sinuses to freshen your breath. Other uses are to uplift moods, provide an energy boost, helps foster focus, pollen buster, pest spray as ants and spiders especially hate it, lip sores, cankers, cough cream, support gastrointestinal system comfort/ indigestion, promotes healthy bowel function, promotes healthy gut function, it may also support performance during exercise, and helps to relieve other head issues. *Avoid during third trimester for pregnant women. *Use caution with children under 6.


  1. Frankincense– Before I started using Sheerlume, I used Frankincense in my face serum to help deter fine lines. I have been diffusing it lately to help lighten the mood, boost our immunity, and support our respiratory health. It is great for cellular health, emotional grounding, nervous tension and irritability, maintains equilibrium, and supports the nervous system. I have used this oil to not only calm down my tantruming child, but when I have that overwhelming sensation that life is throwing me a curve ball.


  1. Stress Away– I think the name says it all, but in case you need a clearer picture here it is. Helpful in extinguishing stressful situations, occasional anxious feelings, mild mood changes, coughing, relaxes muscles, freshens the air, can aid in a restful sleep, improves mental response, maintains equilibrium, offers a peaceful, relaxed, and calm feeling when diffused (especially during yoga, meditations, and prayer.) It also may help support the circulatory system. Taking a deep breath of your favorite stress-busting essential oil can literally break the stress response, gets the lymph moving, and oxygenates the tissues and brain!!


  1. Lemon– Is the third oil in the pollen busting trio (with peppermint and lavender it makes the ultimate seasonal trio.) I use it to detox my body, one of the best oils for this. I just add it to my daily water and you can’t go wrong! It also aids in maintaining a healthy immune system, uplifts moods, improves focus, helps improve brittle hair and nails, removes all things sticky and is a great to help with cleaning. You can put it on wool dryer balls for fresh smelling laundry without the harsh chemicals that are in dryer sheets. Citrol, an important component of citrus oils, has been extensively studied for its ability to stimulate thermogenesis. This means the extra calories you consume that are not needed for energy are turned into heat instead of stored as fat! It also helps prevent the formation is adipocytes. (Adipocytes specialize in the formation and storage of fat.) *Lemon and other Citrus Oils are photosensitive. Do not use on skin that will be exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time. *Please be sure to use glass bottles/cups with lemon as it will eat through the chemicals in the plastic.


  1. Purification– I mix Purification with a little coconut oil and smooth it down my throat when I feel a sore throat coming on. You can add a few drops to wool dryer balls or even a face cloth, and use in in place of dryer sheets to freshen laundry. I put a drop on a cotton ball inside of my closet where our dirty laundry goes. It always smells so fresh and clean when I open the door, no matter what I put in there! I’ve also added a drop to a cotton ball and put inside the toes of stinky shoes, my children’s a sports bags, and in the trash can. You can also mix it with baking soda to make a rug freshener. Needless to say, Purification has got covered on all things stinky from kitty litter to tennis shoes! I also rub a drop on my feet to keep pests away or use it neat on facial blemishes.


  1. RC– This blend contains 3 different types of Eucalyptus, Myrtle, Pine, Marjoram, Lavender, Cypress, Tsuga, and Peppermint. You have no choice but to breathe easier with RC! This is my go to oil during the winter months, when everyone is stuffy. I love the gentle smell when diffused, I find it very comforting when I am not feeling right.


  1. Thieves– This oil really is the dynamo of oils, there is nothing this bad boy can’t do! It supports healthy teeth and gums, taste great in coffee, freshens the air, you can make your own household cleaner and hand sanitizer, balances the solar plexus, cleanses negative emotions, removes stains from clothes and fabrics. It is immune boosting powers are amazing. Did you know that, studies conducted at Weber State University in 1997 have shown Thieves to have a 99.96% success rate against airborne bacteria? The bacteria cultures were sprayed in an enclosed area, and Thieves oil blend was diffused for a given amount of time. After only 10 minutes of exposure, there was a reduction of: 82% in Micrococcus luteus, 96% in Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and 44% in Staphylococcus aureus! Wow!

Least Favorite Products

Like I said at the beginning not every product or oil works for every person. There are a variety of reasons why someone wouldn’t like an oil, the smell, the way it makes you feel, how it reacts with your body, it is not being used for what it’s intended for, maybe you need to use it topically instead of diffusing it or vise versa, not using it at all or not frequently enough. Here are a few things that didn’t work out for me.


  1. Thieves Laundry Soap– I really wanted to love this one, as I am a huge Thieves fan. I mean you have to know what a dynamo Thieves is! Again what can’t Thieves oil help with? But the laundry soap left my clothes smelling funky after being dried. Several people told me I needed to continue to wash my clothes with it because it takes a while to get the chemicals off the clothes. Or that maybe I used too much. I used a very small amount with each load, we finished the bottle but unfortunately, the foul smell never came out of the clothes and they had to be tossed. I hope they tweak the formula because I liked this product minus the smell. I know many people who are in love with the laundry soap and it has never left an odor, we just weren’t’ one of them.


  1. Mastrante– This is probably my second most hated smell! I know if you have a large reaction you may really need that oil. But no way can I go around smelling like sour pickles all day! I bought this one because I read how great it was for your skin. I will never know because they smell of it was so distasteful I couldn’t even mask it! Instead of that I use Manuka (see Top 10 List #2.)


  1. Dorado Azul– Again, it was the smell that made me stop using this one. I can’t even put a name to how awful it smells. It is supposed to be helpful with the respiratory system. I tried it topically and diffused with other oils. No way for me to get past the smells, so I use RC instead (see Top Kit Oils List #8.)


  1. Eucalyptus Blue– One may say I have a super sensitive nose, it is so very powerful and strong. Even one drop made the entire 3000 sq. foot house stink like old dirty socks. Just can’t’ do it! Instead I use Eucalyptus Radiata, which has a lovely pleasant eucalyptus smell. It is also safe for children which is a bonus since I have two kids, who like to bring germs back with them from school.


  1. DiGize– Yes, you guessed it, my sensitive smeller is at it again. I have a 15ml bottle and trust me we use this one often! I often layer Peppermint over DiGize to mask the smell. If I am nauseous the last thing I want to smell is this oil. If I am really bad I use Ginger instead.


  1. Into the Future– Has Ylang-Ylang in it which is just not a smell I prefer. This oil is pretty fabulous and I just layer it with Magnify Your Purpose. There problem solved and I am a very motivated and happy camper, buzzing through all those errands that nobody wants to do.


  1. Release– This is a pretty intense yet excellent oil. I got it to help with negativity and irribility. There is a whole lot more this oil does, and you should research it to find out more about it because it is well worth the read. After several weeks of wearing it, it was getting harder to put on due to the earthy smell, even on my toes.  So, instead of wearing it, now I diffuse it with Lavender. I have to say it smells pretty sweet in the diffuser, a totally different scent than when it’s worn!


  1. En R Gee– This is another earthy scent; I was none too pleased with. It certainly does the job, but I just couldn’t get past unpleasant odor. I do not often wear this oil, but when I do I mix it with Peppermint, and apply it on my big toe.


So, as you can see smell plays a big role in how I use my oils. Everyone senses are different, and just because I didn’t like it, does not mean that you won’t either. Take Valor for example, I adore its smell. When I smell it, I smell wild blueberries (blue tansy and rosewood), but when my husband smells it he picks up on pine (black spruce) and frankincense. What scent are you able to pick up from it?

I encourage you to go out and experience each of these oils for yourself. No one is the end all – be all of what works for you. What works for me isn’t going to necessarily work for you. There is some amount of experimenting that must go on, in order to find the right fit for each person. Everyone is unique and made differently, so not every oil will work the same for each person!

Have questions, leave me a comment.

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