What I did that changed my LIFE!

I wanted to fill you in on how I got started with essential oils. I was researching oils after a friend told me about her success with Frankincense for her son’s nervous system. At this time in my life, I had a host of mysterious illnesses and was at my wits end. I decided to order Peppermint for my head tension and pounding during times of stress, and RC for my respiratory health. I was blown away at how quick my head was supported by Peppermint, and how RC relieved my junkiness. I didn’t need any more research. Four weeks later, I ordered The Premium Starter Kit, and haven’t’ turned back.

When I got my Premium Starter Kit, my health was failing. I was spending too many hours in the doctor’s office, with no help as to what was going to get me feeling better. I had been constantly sick with one thing after another, for three years! I saw doctor after doctor, who didn’t know what was wrong. They were either unable to help me or tried to fix me with medicine, that clearly had worse side effects than my mysterious illnesses. I was sick of feeling like a Guinee pig. I needed support for my health, emotionally and physically, because nothing was cutting it for me.

Enter in Young Living, I took control of my health. This kit was my last resort. My deteriorating health, was effecting my entire life. I had a 7-year old, and 4-year old, with no energy to go anywhere, to do anything, and was constantly sick. What kind of life was I creating for them? They saw a mother who continuously saw doctors, who complained how terrible she felt when they asked her to play with them. I saw what this kit could do for my family! It definitely could be a huge turning point for my health, maybe even life changing!

Once I started using the kit oils, I noticed a shift in my body. I immediately started getting the support I desperately needed for so long. I turned from feeling like an 80-year-old stuck in a 30 year olds body. To a 30-year old, who felt more like my 20-year old self! Before essential oils, I was in chronic discomfort from head to toe every day, with no end in sight. I wasn’t even able to lift the laundry into the washing machine; I was so exhausted! I feel better now than I did 10 years ago!! I am able to participate in life to its fullest! I feel well, and my doctors who I do see occasionally, remark at what an improvement I’ve made over the last two years (no thanks to them!) They are all amazed at what a turn around my body and brain have made.

Essential oils are not a cure, but a way to create wellness and abundance. So, what are some of the uses of the 11 oils in the Premium Starter Kit? I will break it down for you. Emotional wellness: relaxation, fear, courage, stress, anxiety, anger, irritability, the blues, embarrassment, frustration, grief, restlessness, creating joy, gratitude, creativity, self-love, and hope. Physical: wellness, discomfort, seasonal sniffles, nausea, uplift mood, provide energy boost, helps improve focus, lip sores, canker sores, coughs, sleep, cuts, bruises, foot soak, skin, hair, teeth, gum, and nail support, supporting cardiovascular, reproductive, respiratory, endocrine, nervous, lymphatic, digestive, urinary, integumentary, circulatory, muscular and skeletal system health. Home: cleaning everything from windows to toilets, freshening the air, laundry, dishes, fruit and veggie wash, purifying the air, carpet cleaning and freshening, hand soap, hand sanitizer, linen spray, deodorizing the fridge, freshen the bathroom, neutralize orders in garbage and shoes, gardening care, pet care, and cooking too! Honestly, there is almost nothing you can’t do with essential oils! The possibilities are endless!!

Two weeks after receiving my kit I knew I had to share these remarkable oils. I couldn’t believe the amount of everyday uses these 11 oils had in the Premium Starter Kit. It has been an oil revolution in my house! My skeptical husband is even on board! I slowly started emptying cabinets and draws, one product at a time. I now walk by entire aisles in the grocery store and have even stopped going to some stores all together! By simply starting with these 11 essential oils, I have created wellness in my life. That journey has turned into an oil obsession, a calling, and a passion to share them! Here I am two years later; I am happier, healthier, living an almost chemical free life. These oils and products have kept my family well. I have to tell you this, because I can’t keep these oils to myself! I am not telling you all of this for personal gain, but because I want others to feel as good and as healthy as I do! If you are ready for a change, let me know. I can help you by starting with small changes, that have a huge impact on your daily life!

Here is a sample of how I use oils daily and they type of things I use them for.


3 drops each of Lemon, Grapefruit, Peppermint, 1 drop each of Cinnamon Bark and Ocotea in a capsule for weight management support.

1 drop of Lemongrass and Clary Sage in the above listed capsule, for cardiovascular health, joint support and supporting my reproductive system.

2 Omegagize3 liquid capsules to support a healthy brain, cardiovascular health and joint support.

I wash my face with Orange Blossom Facial wash, then use Art Gentle Cleansing Toner. Followed by Manuka used neat on any problem areas.

And finally I moisturize with Sheerlume, that has an extra 10 drops of Frankincense and 5 drops Manuka for an added healthy skin boost.

1 drop of either White Angelica, Geranium, or Bergamot to uplift my mood and keep my positive vibe going.


One drop of Look into the Future, with one drop of Magnify your Purpose layered over the top, for creativity, positivity. and motivation.

One drop of Acceptance over my liver, with one drop of Grapefruit layered over the top for mood boosting and irritability.

2 ounces of NingXia Red with Pellegrino Mineral Water for general wellness and a natural energy boost.

2-3 drops of Lavender, German Chamomile, or Gentle Baby to settle me and the kids down before bedtime.

Thieves Household Cleaner- Spray down my counters or any other areas that need cleaning. I use a spray bottle from Target, put 16 ounces of bottled water and 1 ½ capfuls of Thieves Household Cleaner.

I also use a DIY room spray daily, that I change up every time I run out. Some combinations I use is Rosemary and Lavender, Geranium and Lemon, or Rosemary and Peppermint.


I wash my face with Orange Blossom Facial wash, then use Art Gentle Cleansing Toner. I will spot treat any problem areas with Lavender neat.

I moisturize with Sheerlume, that has an extra 10 drops of Frankincense and 5 drops Manuka for an added healthy skin boost.

2-3 drops of Dream Catcher diffused at bed time.


Are you ready to make a change?

Email me at trsuess@aol.com  subject: YL

or you can purchase your kit at http://theoilery.net/daniele-hughes


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