How to purchase your own Young Living Premium Starter Kit

Hey! Here is the link to the sign up page and step by step instructions to get checked out and on your way to oily awesomeness!! This allows you to get a premium starter kit which comes with 11 oils and a diffuser (with other goodies and no obligation to buy again if you don’t want).

1.    Go to:

2.    Ensure “Member” is checked off instead of“Retail Customer”. Member means wholesale member to Young Living. It’s the only way to get access to the kit and the wholesale discount afterwards. You also have the opportunity to become a Distributor if you choose to with this option.

3.    Ensure the Sponsor and Enroller are: 2395227

4.    Select your country and language

5.    Click “Next”

6.    Enter your name, mailing address and email.

7.    Ensure you have “Receive Email Communication”ON. I have found this to be important as you can easily unsubscribe but there is not currently a way to subscribe without calling after this step.

8.    Enter phone number(s).

9.    Enter a username, password (upper and lower case numbers) and PIN, make sure you write these down for future reference.

10. Select the correct option for you. Tax IDs such as Social Security Numbers are required in case you choose to have someone sign up for a membership under you, which causes you to receive payment from Young Living. Your information will not be used unless you decided to sell, this allows Young Living to be able send you a 1099.

11. Read the documentation and click the box to indicate you have read and agree. Then click “Agree and Continue”.

12. Ensure Premium Starter Kit is chosen – you can choose the Home Diffuser Premium kit for $160 (diffusing 110 sq ft) or the Aroma Diffuser Premium kit for $175 (diffusing over 300 sq ft).

13. Next up is Essential Rewards which allows you to earn points back and other special extras like reduced shipping. Read through and see if this is something you might be interested in and you can ask me if you’d like to learn more.

14. If you wish to add more products, click to do so at this time. (it will take you to a page to add the extra oils. Young Living has monthly promotions where if you purchase 190pv – the kit is 100pv – you get free oils.) Otherwise click Enrollment Checkout.

15. Select your preferred shipping method

16. Enter your payment information. You will see a review screen prior to your purchase being processed. Click Next.

17.  After reviewing your order, click “Activate Your Membership”

18. Complete Your Profile

You’re all set! Please allow a few days for processing. If you don’t get a tracking number within 3-4 business days, feel free to let me know and I’m happy to check on it for you!


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